Mabel Douglas Angus

The sixth daughter and seventh child of Robert and Jane, Mabel was born on the fourth of May 1879. She spent much of her childhood with her siblings (James, Jane, Janet, Margaret, Mary, Edith and Robert) between 15 Grosvenor Crescent in Edinburgh and Craigston house in Lugar. She likely primary schooled in Lugar with her younger brother Robert. Ladykirk was built in 1902 and she would have spent some time here also before she married George John Turner in Edinburgh on the fifth of July 1904. George John Turner’s family were from Hertfordshire and atleast one of their grandchildren still live there so I presume Mabel and John returned to Hertfordshire together. Mabel passed away in 1967, aged approximately 88. I’d love to know more about her life so please feel free to send me any information or photographs you have regarding her.

Verification of this member: One photograph verified definitively and five more submitted by her granddaughter, Sue Donlea. Rest of photographs verified to a reasonable level of certainty by the same person. One photograph labelled.

At her own Golden Wedding anniversary, 1954. Sat second from left with George beside. (Image courtesy of Sue Donlea)
With her husband, George. Again at their golden wedding anniversary (Image courtesy of Sue Donlea)
Mabel & George again (Image courtesy of Sue Donlea)
(Image courtesy of Sue Donlea)
Not certain this is her as we don’t have many other photos of her in the 1905-10 period but I think it still looks like her. Presumably with one of her children. if it were her first I’d guess this were sometime between 1905-1908. I love the hair.
(Image courtesy of Sue Donlea)
Verified as Mabel in an evening dress.
On her wedding day, 1904. Aged 25. Her sister, Edith Agnes Angus stood third from left. Jean Angus Arnold and Jack Binny are the children.
The photograph has been blown up and isn’t as crisp as it could be, unfortunately.
Back left, perhaps with her sister Margaret or Janet infront.
In it’s frame
Mabel sat furthest left
With her brother, Robert, in Edinburgh c. 1900
On a day out with her family c.1900 Dalbair. Her father Robert sat furthest left. Her mother Jane sat back with tissue. Her brother James sat front with crossed legs and perhaps her other brother Robert sat front with the child.
Presumably this was a boarding school she attended. Neuilly, Paris, 1898. Age 19
Very back, very centre
stood far right
very back
The school
In fancy dress. I’m fairly confident this is MDA
dressed up again. Sat left. I like that you can see the fans are made from graphic papers
sat left again. I do think the girl at the back looks like Edith AA but its even harder to see her than Mabel
c. 1900 original & retouched
Sepia removed
back right alongside her brother Robert and probably sisters: Margaret (front left) and Mary (front right)
I do feel this photo is a little different to the rest. The girl isn’t as quintessentially Mabel. I do feel this is her though perhaps quite a bit younger than the photos of her taken in 1894, aged 15. I’d guess she is maybe 13 here though she does still look a lot like the above photo. Her long, styled down hair is the biggest giveaway that this is Mabel as no one else I’ve seen wears their hair down. Also this photo is from Cumnock which is another clue that it is indeed Mabel.
Centre, being sat on. 1894, Edinburgh. Age 15. Probably with sisters: Edith(front left), Janet(back centre) and Mary(back right).
discussed in next image
Sat right with her mother sat front. Edith sat left, Janet stood back left and Mary stood back right
sat far left with Edith sat third from either side and Mary sat second from right
Sat bottom right. Photographed alongside her Brother Robert (left) and probably sisters: Jane(grey dress) and Janet(perched above Mabel)
Close up, Sat right
Back right. Aged 15, 1894. Edinburgh
With her brother Robert at Dalblair c.1895
right. Likely with sisters Edith(lef) and Margaret or Janet (centre).
Very back. Edinburgh 1894
far left, sat to the left of the left wheel. Wearing a brimmed hat next to her mother, Jane. Her father, robert, sat centre in pointed hat. Her brother James sat at the back beneath the bearded man.
Sat with her mother to her right (our left)
Right, riding
second from front
left, fallen over
right most girl. At James’ wedding 1893 aged 14
dark haired girl in the centre. Brother Robert (right), elder sister Edith (left) and father Robert (behind and right)
With her brother Robert in Cumnock late 1880’s
early-to-mid 1880’s

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