Recurring Unidentified Faces

This section is for people who appear in multiple photographs currently in the unidentified section. I hope that grouping these people will put a greater emphasis on identifying them as they’re more likely to be family members.


Half Identified


Person 1

Half verified as Janet Alice Angus

Person 2

Half verified as Margaret Eleanore Angus

Person 3

Identified as Mabel D. Angus. Button will redirect to her page.

Person 4

Half verified as Mary Berta Angus

Person 5

Half verified as Jane Young Angus

Person 6

Potentially Dr Thomas Gowans

Person 7


Person 8

Potentially Mr Graham Binny

Person 9


Person 10

Potentially Jane’s mother

Given that this is James’ wedding it seems likely all his siblings would be there. I’m assuming that all those older than Robert Lawrence(circled furthest right) dressed in white are his sibling. My guess for who is photographed (left to right):

Green (certain): Elizabeth Jollie, Mrs P.S Haggie (Elizabeth’s cousin whose home this is), James Angus, Jane Stevenson Angus, Bessie Gowans and Master Oswald Haggie (cousins of Elizabeth), Mabel Douglas Angus, Robert Angus, Robert Lawrence Angus.

Orange (half-certain): Mary Berta Angus, Margaret Eleanore Angus, Jane Young Angus, Janet Alice Angus, Edith Agnes Angus

Red (a complete guess): Graham Binny, John Douglas Boswell, William Kentigern Hamilton-Campbell, Thomas Gowans

I think Thomas Gowans is a decent guess though. If Bessie Gowans is a cousin of Elizabeth then perhaps so too was Thomas and perhaps he was invited to the wedding.

Probably the biggest question I have is: Is Janet Alice Angus the second or fourth circled person in the above photo. Below are two comparisons: Janet at her wedding compared to the second and the fourth person. Either way, the circled photo is 14 years before Janet’s wedding so she’d look quite different. Let me know your opinion in the comment section below.

I mirrored this photo for the sake of their heads being tilted the same way

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