Mary Berta Angus

Born on the 2nd of June 1874, Mary was the fourth daughter and fifth child of Robert and Jane. On the 12th of March 1903 she married Dr Thomas Gowans of South Shields in Edinburgh. After this they moved to the Newcastle area where Dr Gowans worked until 1953 at which point I believe they retired to Yorkshire. They had three children together: Jean, Alice and Edith. Mary was the longest lived of the siblings surviving to her 97th year and dying in 1971.

An account of Mary from Elizabeth’s diary: “Enjoyed ourselves pretty well at Angar last night. The younger daughter, Mary, had to entertain us. She is an handsome girl of about seventeen.”

Verification of this member: Only half verified. One photograph labelled as her by two seperate sets of people. Also, two labelled photographs submitted by Sheila Yeoman. The issue is she seems to look quite different aged 30 compared to 20 so it’s difficult to be certain the younger photos are correct.

Presumably with one of her children
Dalblair 1905, age 31
With her husband, Dr Gowans at Dalblair, c.1905
right. Dalblair 1894, age 20
Right. Dalblair, 1894
Right. Dalblair c.1895 with siblings: James & Margaret
front right with siblings: Robert, Mabel & Janet
Back right. In Edinburgh with siblings: Margaret, Edith and Mabel
Edinburgh c.1895. Second from right with siblings: Edith & Mabel.
Sat second from left
front centre, 4 from right
sat front centre, with dog
original & retouched
“MBA 1901”
clearly passionate about her horse
Furthest left. At her brother James’ wedding, 1893. Aged 19
Back rigth. Edinburgh with her mother and sisters: Margaret, Edith and Mabel
sat right with same siblings as other photo like this one
left, Edinburgh c.1895. I still think the man on the right might be her future, not yet bald, husband
right, 1893
early 1880’s

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