Robert Lawrence Angus

Born on the 25th of July 1882, Robert L. was the second son and eighth child of Robert and Jane. As their final child he was 18 years younger than his eldest sibling, James. He grew up largely at Craigston House, Lugar and attended primary school here before attending Fettes College, Edinburgh. He studied Chemistry and Geology at Edinburgh University, the same subjects as his elder brother, James. In 1902 the family relocated to Ladykirk and he likely followed as he was only about 20 years old. He travelled much in his lifetime: with his father on business in Spain, holidaying around Europe and doing his own business in South Africa. After the deaths of his brother, James, and nephew, Robert Edward he went on to inherit the estate. A story I’ve been told was that Robert had invited his nephew, John Turner (a son of his sister, Mabel’s) to a party at Ladykirk to which he brought his plus one, Kathleen Penelope Sheppard (both Kathleen and John came from Hertfordshire), not long after this Robert and Kathleen were engaged. They had 4 children together: Robin, Penelope, Prudence and Nigel. He died in 1949 aged 66. I think this is my favourite page on the site. It has a whole lifetime of photographs: from just a few years old to his mid 50’s.

Verification of this member: Some of the teenage photographs are labelled as RL. Also verified by his granddaughter, Alice, as his wedding photo. His name also labelled in football team photos.

With his daughter, Penelope, in the early 40’s
Sat centre-back, slicked black hair
At his wedding to K P Sheppard
Again at his wedding
At his parent’s golden wedding anniversary. Ladykirk 1912. Stood furthest right
I believe this to be RL and his sister Mabel in Edinburgh c. 1900-1905
I love this photograph. It’s very candid compared to almost every other photo of him
In his late teens, maybe even at University.
1898/99, aged 16/17. Fettes College
1896/98, aged 14/16. Probably 14/1896.
These photos are in the 12-14 age range
A young RL (far left) with three of his sisters, I believe
marked on slider
stood left
A 12/13 year old RL stood behind his father
Likely sat with his sister, Mabel
Craigston House, 1893
original and re-touched
I think RL is stood back right, though I could be wrong with this one.
A young RL likely with his sister, Mabel. Photo taken in Cumnock probably late 1880’s.
At his brother, James’, wedding. Whitburn, Sunderland, 1893.
Aged 11 at his brother’s wedding. Stood with his father and probably his sister, Mabel
Sat front right though this may not be him. The photo is quite damaged.
As a young child with his mother, likely visiting her family.
Again with probably Jane’s brother. This photo has unfortunately deteriorated quite significantly.

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