Caroline Elizabeth Angus

Caroline Elizabeth Angus was born in 1897, the second child of James Angus and Elizabeth Jollie. I don’t know much else about her yet other than that she perhaps had three children so please leave a comment if you can add anything. She passed away in 1962. Thanks to Sheila Yeoman for identifying her.

Verification of this member: All photographs identified and verified by her great niece, Sheila Yeoman.

I presume c.1905
Elizabeth standing left with her mother centre and 3 sisters. They’re flower girls here at a family wedding but which one? If Mabel was the youngest and born in 1902 how old does she appear to be here? There were family weddings in 1893, 1897, 1903, 1904,1907, 1908 & 1928. I only don’t know when Margaret married but it was before 1904. Anyway, do I think Mabel looks 2 years old here? probably not. I’d guess this was either Janet’s wedding in 1907 or Edith’s wedding in 1908.
Betty left, Jean centre, Robin left
Betty left, Robin right
I’m sure you don’t need me to but i’ll transcribe anyway: “Glengar, Cheltenham, March 7th. My dear Granny, I hope you are quite well. We brake up on the 4th[or6th] of April. Jean, Shiela and Ba & I are going to Bournemouth with Miss Allen for the holidays for two weeks. We had a fancy dressed supper and danced yesterday. There is not much news to tell. We went to church today and when the man was just beginning the sermon one of the quire men[choir perhaps?] (we sit up behind the quire) put his legs up and planted his back against the end of the pew, brought out a story book and began to reed[read], he did look so funny. With much love from, Betty.”
“Glengar, Cheltenham, Sunday. My dear Grandfather, I hope uncle bob is better [Robert L. Angus]. I will write to him soon. Sheila and Ba_y’s address is: Mrs Dearden, Painswick Lodge, Shurdington Road, Cheltenham. Mother was at (?) when I heard from her last. I will send you her letter, please send it back. It is half term now. On Friday went to a tea shop for tea (10 of us) then we went out to supper with our governesses. Yesterday we had a fancy dressed supper and we danced afterwards. Tomorrow I am going to Warwick if it is fine but it is very doubtful as the snow is 3 or 4 inches deep. With much love to all. From, Betty. PS we brake up on April 6th.”

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