Jean Angus Arnold

Born in 1898, the first of two children of Jane Young Arnold (née Angus) and Arthur Arnold. She married Hubert Beaconsfield Sarsons and had four children before passing away aged just 31 in 1929. If you have any photographs or information regarding her please get in touch with me.

Verification of this member: Not particularly well verified. The girl in the wedding photo is identified as Jean Arnold in the newspaper article regarding the wedding. I believe the adult woman in the first photo may be her mother, Jane Young Angus.

potentially stood left with her sister, Edith, centre and her mother sat right
child sat left, 1904.
I’m of the opinion that this is Jean(left) and Edith(right) again. They look strikingly similar to the two girls above sat with Jane Young
I think I would also be of the opinion that the dark haired girl sat centre is Jean with edith sat on the chair. It would kind of make me guess that this is 1901.

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