Mabel James Angus

The youngest child of James and Elizabeth, she was born on the 17th of December 1902, the day her father died, hence the name James. From a young age she was affectionately known as “Basie” (pronounced Bozzy) because as an infant she made “Ba! Ba!” sounds like a lamb. In 1922, while in India, she met a Mr Rex Orr whom she then proceeded to marry in 1924 in Nova Scotia. They lived in Nova Scotia for a few years and had a son, Jimmy, before returning to England. Rex died due to diabetes not long after their return to England. She later married Ivor McClure and lived with him in Sutton, Quebec. She passed away in 1996. Thank you to Sheila Yeoman for all the information and help.

Verification of this member: One photograph labelled. Two photographs half labelled (just as Mabel). Verified by her great niece, Sheila Yeoman.

“with best wishes to uncle Robert, from Mabel” – I don’t know for certain that this is Mabel James Angus but she’s the only Mabel I know with an uncle Robert (my great grandfather). She looks similar to the younger photos of her below which I’ve had confirmed are Mabel James Angus. The slider lets you view a digitally enhanced version I created. This photo is from the world renowned Bourne & Shepherd studio, Kolkata c.1920. Sheila Yeoman kindly verified that this is Mabel J. Angus.
Part of a pair along with the above photo.
“Mabel James Angus, age 10” – taken in 1912 presumably
Mabel, second from right. Her mother sat centre accompanied by her three sisters: Jean sat front, C. Elizabeth stood left and shiela stood right. Flower girls at a wedding of one of James’ sisters sometime between 1904 & 1908, somewhere in either Edinburgh or Ayrshire.
child on left being held with her sister, sheila, stood as the other child. It’s hard to say but perhaps her mother is holding her. Her grandmother, Jane Angus stood on the staircase outside Ladykirk, c.1905.
child centre with Sheila on left. Perhaps with a nanny. Again outside Ladykirk c.1905, part of a trio of photos.

4 thoughts on “Mabel James Angus

  1. Yes, the two pictures you have (aged 10 and as a young woman) are of Mabel James Angus. Although she signed one of the photos as Mabel, she was always known as “Basie” (pronounced Bozzy, not like Count Basie) because as an infant she made “Ba! Ba!” sounds like a lamb. She met Rex Orr in India in 1922 and married him in Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1924, where they lived for a few years and had a son, Jimmy, before returning to England. Rex died due to diabetes not long after. Basie later married Ivor McClure; they lived in Sutton, Quebec. Their son Jim lived across the border in Vermont, USA; he was married and had a daughter, Belinda. Jim died in 2008. Last I heard, Belinda was married and living in England, but our families have lost contact. Maybe she can be tracked down – I have a lot of photos of her grandparents which I’d like to pass along!

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    1. Thank you greatly, I shall update this page with your information tomorrow. I will let you know if I manage to track down her granddaughter though I’m sure it’ll be difficult, as you know.


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