Captain Robert Gurney Angus

Born on the 30th of September, 1934, the first of four children of Kathleen Penelope Angus (née Sheppard) and Robert Lawrence Angus. My own grandfather, I have a few random photos of him at hand but I’ll add to this page over time. We have photos of him spread all around the house. His father died in 1949 when he was aged 15 which I’ve been told was very difficult for him. In the 50’s he joined the Blues and Royals and later served in Cyprus as a Captain where he drove a ferret armoured car. I’ve been told he never paraded at Buckingham Palace as he was too small for the plated uniform as at that point they wanted all the men to be perfectly identical in size. He married my grandmother, Elizabeth Herridge and had two children: Robert Daniel and Alice. He died in 1998, age 63.

Verification of this member: I guess none. I should ask my dad at some point just to be certain these are all correct.

sometime in the 90’s
sometime in the 90’s at christmas
with a painting of Jane Angus in the background
A very strange christmas photo
On holiday in Florida I think
I find these photos are kind of difficult to improve but im working on it
With his wife and two children, late 60’s. In the drawing room of Ladykirk
lying on his polaroid camera case
thinking he’s cool. Look at those sunglasses!
In Cyprus
Again in Cyprus
Again in his armoured car
probably late 1940’s
Prue(left)with Pen(right), Robin (eldest) and Nigel(youngest)
as a child with his bike
as a child with his mother, Penelope, at Ladykirk
is this the dresser at Loch Ard?
clearly a big fan of his bovril bus
As a child with his mother and their pet dog whose name escapes me

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