Jean Edith Christabel Angus (Monies)

Jean Edith Christabel Angus was born in 1899, the third child of James Angus(b.1864) and Elizabeth Jollie (Angus b.1866). She passed away in Canada in 1976. I would appreciate any information about her or photographs. Thanks to Sheila for identifying multiple photographs of her for me.

Verification of this member: All photographs identified and verified by her granddaughter, Sheila Yeoman. One photograph labelled.

Jean c. 1920
Jean sitting front
Aged 6, Dalblair
“Sometimes in the evening we make ghost stories”
The aforementioned ghost
Jean Centre, children Elizabeth and Sylvia either side
Jean back left, Husband Sidney beside. Children Robert, Elizabeth and Sylvia infront.
Her daughters again: “Silvie(?) & Betty [Somewhere]mouth” (Weymouth, Bournemouth etc)
All three of her children

5 thoughts on “Jean Edith Christabel Angus (Monies)

  1. The two girls in the third from last photo are in a photo I have which also includes a boy, taken at Ladykirk, c.1920, captioned “Mungo, Jean, Bunty Marcheline”. I thought Marcheline was their last name but maybe it’s Bunty’s real name? I think there was a Mungo Hamilton-Campbell, so maybe that’s who they are – ?

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      1. Yes, almost certainly. Though it was in a small box of only 10 or so photos. All the other’s were of Jean and her children. Perhaps someone had previously made my mistake also

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    1. That’s very interesting. Mungo, Jean and Margaret are Ian Alexander-Sinclair’s mother and siblings, I shall need to ask him if he recognises either of these girls though Margaret was his mother. I have never come across the name Bunty Marcheline before but maybe he’ll know. I’ll keep you posted! Or if you could send me the one including Mungo I can ask him about that also. Jean and Mungo would have been 10 & 8 respectively in 1920 so it certainly fits.


      1. I may have transcribed “Bunty Marcheline” incorrectly – will check and get back to you. I know there was a “Bunty” in the next generation, one of Great-Aunt Betty’s daughters, which may have been short for Margaret. My sister Elizabeth might know – I’ll ask her.

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