Dr Thomas Gowans

Thomas Gowans was born in South Shields, County Durham in 1877. His family lived in Newcastle upon Tyne and were cousins of Elizabeth Jollie with at least one Gowans being present at her and James’ wedding in Sunderland, 1893. At this point Dr Gowans and Mary would have been 16 and 19 years old respectively. I don’t think it’s entirely unreasonable to theorise that Mary and Dr Gowans met here at the wedding or if nothing else this was probably where the two families first met. Dr Gowans schooled at Fettes College, Edinburgh and studied at Edinburgh University. Given that Mary would have also spent much time at the family home in Edinburgh (15 Grosvenor Crescent) it seems safe to assume that they could also simply have met here. Perhaps the they were introduced in Edinburgh given the two families relations. They married in Edinburgh in 1903 after which they returned to Dr Gowans native Northumberland. Dr Gowans worked as a surgeon and was an Honorary Ophthalmic Surgeon at St George’s, Harrogate, from 1925 until he retired in 1953. He died in 1956 in Yorkshire.

Verification of this member: Identified in Jane & Robert’s Golden anniversary photo seperately by both Ian Alexander-Sinlair and Patrick Turner (his nephew).

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