Elizabeth Jollie

Born in 1864, Elizabeth Jollie married James Angus and they went on to have six children together, five of whom survived their infancy: Robert Edward, Caroline Elizabeth, Jean Edith Christabel, Sheila and Mabel James. Elizabeth passed away in 1928 aged 64. Thanks to Sheila Yeoman for identifying her.

Verification of this member: Verified as Elizabeth Jollie by her great granddaughter, Sheila Yeoman.

(courtesy of Sheila Yeoman)
c.1895 (courtesy of Sheila Yeoman)
Her wedding to James Angus, 1893, Sunderland.
An analysis of those in the photo can be seen on the recurring unidentified faces section. 29/06/1893. 2, the Limes, Whitburn, Sunderland.
Her and her daughters at a wedding around 1904-8. Her daughters here are flower girls.
Woman furthest right . At her husband’s parent’s golden wedding anniversary, 1912, Ladykirk. With all of James’ siblings and their partners and her son, Robin, sat front.
Potentially Far left holding her daughter, Mabel, with her daughter, Sheila, standing. Granny Jane stood on steps. Ladykirk c1905

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