Lt Col. Mungo Charles Hamilton-Campbell

Born in 1912, the second of three children of Edith Agnes Hamilton-Campbell (née Angus) and Lt-Col William Kentigern Hamilton-Campbell. In 1937 he married Every Muriel Kay Finlayson and they had two children together. He commanded the Ayrshire Yeomanry like his father and grandfather and was awarded a DSO in 1945 for his service in North Africa and Italy. To quote his recommendation for a DSO “No dangers deterred [him], no hours were too long, his cheerful confidence and utter fearlessness were a stimulant to all with whom he was in contact” If you have any photos or information regarding him please contact me. Most of these photos are from the website however they are Stroma’s photographs and I doubt she would mind me using them here though perhaps I should ask.

Verification of this member: Most of these photo’s are his daughter’s, Stroma.

(Stroma’s photo)
The opening page of a book we own on the Ayrshire Yeomanry
A cheery looking Mungo, sent to me by Ian Alexander-Sinclair
Sent to me by Ian Alexander-Sinclair. Margaret H-C, Mungo H-C and RLA at Buckingham Palace. Probably for the presentation of Mungo’s DSO.
Mungo and Every’s wedding, June 1937. (Stroma’s photo)
Stood front. (Stroma’s photo)
Sat on a pillar at Ladykirk with his siblings. c.1920 (courtesy of Sheila Yeoman)

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