Kathleen Penelope Sheppard

Kathleen Penelope Sheppard was born in 1907 to Eileen Mary Winchester and Lt-Col Samual Guerney Sheppard. She grew up at Great Offley House, Hitchin, Hertfordshire before marrying Robert Lawrence Angus in 1928. They had 4 children together before he died in 1949: Robin, Prue, Pen and Nigel. She passed away in 1996, aged 88/89. I’m not sure about much else of her life so please leave a comment if you have anything to add.

Verification of this member: Verified by her daughter, Penelope, and by her granddaughter, Alice.

1936, part of a large set. Age 29 with her son, RGA – aged 2.
I presume this is her thought it’s quite a low resolution photo. Stood right presumably with one of her children.
On her presentation at court
Sat with my grandfather, Robin G Angus
again with my grandfather
Wedding to RLA
Wedding to RLA

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