James Angus

James Angus was the eldest child of Robert and Jane Angus, born on the 23rd of January 1864. He likely spent most of his childhood in Lugar before receiving his secondary education at Ayr Academy in Ayr. He studied Chemistry and Geology at University before going to work at collieries in England where he met his future wife, Elizabeth. They were married in 1893 in Sunderland. He and his wife Elizabeth went on to have 5 children atleast (1 boys, 4 girls). James died of pneumonia on the 17th of December 1902, the day his final child was born, Mabel James Angus. By 1917 his son had also died meaning the estate would be inherited by James’ much younger brother, Robert Lawrence.

To quote Sheila Yeoman on the story of James’ death: “He’d come home from hunting (he was [Master of Foxhounds]) with soaked feet, so his wife (Elizabeth) told him he should change his socks. He did not want to do what his wife told him to do so did not change his socks, consequently got pneumonia, and died!”

Verification of this member: Named and photographed in his obituary. Verified by his great granddaughter, Sheila Yeoman.

The photograph used in his obituary
He is a different looking man here. I think this will be from around the time of his wedding, 1893.
Dalblair c.1895 with two of his sisters sat centre and stood right
Dalblair c.1895 with the same two sisters this time both sat centre
His wedding to Elizabeth Jollie, 29/06/1893. Original & retouched. 2, the Limes, Whitburn, Sunderland. An analysis of those pictured can be seen on the recurring unidentified faces page.
James & Elizabeth
Bottom with father sat left in the cart
centre. It could be his younger brother, Robert, with him though it’s very hard to tell from the face he’s pulling. Dalblair c.1895
Left, rejecting a cigarette. Dalblair c.1895
sat on grass, second from left. A day out c.1900. Dalblair I believe. Father sat far left on chair, mother sat back with tissue, sister (Mabel) sat far right on bench. Perhaps his brother holding the child.
right. Dalblair c.1895 again
Back centre, beneath standing bearded man. Father sat centre in pointed hat, mother and Mabel sat farthest left. Probably on the Moors around Dalblair, East Ayrshire, c.1895.
Standing, fourth from left. Dalblair c.1895. Father sat on right barrel, younger brother (Robert) stood behind father, probably Mr Sinclair sat on left barrel.
stood second from left
A pretty worn out photo but is nearly the same photo as above except with dogs this time.
Second from left, holding dog
IIt took me far too long to find this. The graveyard at Auchinleck (where this is) is massive! and ofcourse this was the absolute last grave I had left to look at. Honestly, it’s in better condition than 99% of the other headstones so I’m very pleased. I tidied it up a bit and did some weeding of course.

this picture has been enhanced but I like it. It seems a pretty accurate depiction of James in his final years.

4 thoughts on “James Angus

  1. That’s interesting that you say he died in a mining accident – do you have any details about that? The we always heard was that he’d come home from hunting (he was MFH) with soaked feet, so his wife (Elizabeth) told him he should change his socks. He did not want to do what his wife told him to do so did not change his socks, consequently got pneumonia, and died! I admit, our branch of the family did go in for elaboration, comic elements, and good story-telling over strict fact… Two quite different versions of James’s death, though!


    1. Actually, I was thinking about this yesterday when I was reading Ian’s booklet. In it he said that James had died of Pneumonia and I got to thinking about this. I remember when Nick came to visit us a few years ago before I knew anything about yourselves that my dad explained to me who nick was and why he was visiting us. I remember him telling me that James had died in a mining accident and had he not Nick and yourselves would likely still live here and thats why he was so excited to meet Nick as he always felt that we should have been closer. As to why my father would think this, I presume it has been a game of chinese whispers since James actually died. I shall need to check all the obituaries we own for James though I doubt they state how he died.

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      1. Btw, I don’t think you can actually get pneumonia from having wet socks?! But I guess they didn’t know that then.

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