Margaret Eleanore Angus

Born on the 22nd of May 1872, Margaret was the third daughter and fourth child of Robert and Jane. Again, I know very little about Margaret, I couldn’t even tell you what year she married her husband, Graham Binny or where. I do know that they had atleast three children: John (Jack) Graham Binny, Jean Eleanore Binny and Robert (Nap) Angus Graham Binny. I believe Margaret passed away in her 80’s in either 1956 or 1958. If you can add any information or verify any of the photographs/submit your own please contact me.

Verification of this member: Only half verified. Mostly identified through process of elimination. One photograph where she looks pretty similar (but older) identified as Margaret.

Below are the two photos that I’ve been told by Rob Fryer and Robin Binny are likely their grandmother

The below photo also has a person identified as Margaret by her nephew

I get the feeling most of the below photos are actually Janet though I think it’s fair to suggest the first below is Margaret

Sat bottom left
Edinburgh 1894, age 22
Ok I need to fix everything after today. I just noticed that very faintly written above this photo is the word: “Nettie”. Therefore this likely isn’t Margaret but Janet and it would seem reasonable also to therefore assume that many of these other photos are Janet and NOT Margaret.
left. c.1895, probably at Dalblair
Perched centre. Dalblair c.1895. With siblings: James & Mary
Same as above
At James wedding, 1893. Age 21. Location below
Right. Dalblair c.1895
Right. Dalblair c.1895
Dalblair C.1895
Dalblair C.1895
Second from left. Craigston 1893. Age 21
Stood centre. Edinburgh 1894
Edinburgh 1894
Perched at back. With siblings: Mabel, Jane and Robert
This might not be her
Faded but stood 4th from right
Stood second from left
With her mother sat front and siblings: Edith, Mary and Mabel
I think this is her sat front left. SIster Mabel behind
Back. Dalblair C.1895
Left. An incredible candid. One of my favourites

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