Lieutenant John Graham Binny

Born in 1900, the first of three children of Margaret Eleanore Binny (née Angus) and Graham Binny. John (known as Jack) spent a fair amount of his childhood at ladykirk as did his mother. He joined the Navy aged 14 in 1914 and served aboard some of the finest ships in the Navy including HMS Dreadnought. I believe he continued his service after the war and served again in the second world war. He married a Cherry Ina Herbert-Stepney with whom he had one child, Judy Binny. If you have any photos or information regarding him please contact me.

Verification of this member: The photo of him with Jean is labelled as “the binny children” and in the photo at the wedding, the newspaper article names him as a train bearer.

John and Jean Binny at Ladykirk c.1910
Given that the boy below is undoubtedly Jack (named in articel in newspaper) I do think that this may also be him
Child stood right. At his Auntie Mabel’s wedding, 1904.

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