Newspaper Clippings

I don’t need any help identifying these. I just think they’re interesting. If you want to see any of these in more detail just message me.

108. This one is a good read. I’m guessing it’s about the marriage of Jane Young Angus and a Mr. Arthur Arnold. I don’t actually know but Jane is the only one not mentioned as being a sister of the bride.

109. Those are some great presents.

110. Another wedding, this time James and Elizabeth.

111. Someone clearly didn’t want to miss this, understandably.

112. It’s sad to see also how much someone wanted to remember where this poem was, four crosses.

113. The death of Robert E. Angus.

114. The death of James Angus.

115. This is pinned inside a folded card, the kind with a black border so I guess it’s for a funeral. It was inside an envelope so I’m assuming either it was given to Jane or Robert by a friend or they had meant to give it to someone they knew was mourning.

116. I think this page is great. It’s essentially just an entire A3 page in a paper regarding a dinner in Auchinleck.

117. I think this page is great. It’s essentially just an entire A3 page in a paper regarding a dinner in Auchinleck.

119.Most people over forty know the risks attending backache, but younger folk are less reflective. Young men may blame their work and young women their sex-both dangerous and misleading conclusions if weak kidneys are really responsible.

123. Someone was interested in life on the front, understandably. atleast 3 family close family members would die in the war.

124. Someone was glad to see the end of it.


271. Robert’s obituary

272. Lady Moore (K Penelope Sheppard) brings in the harvest – 1969. She’s sat on the combine.

273. Certainly not exaggerating…

274. A section of the wedding of WKH-C and Edith Angus.

275. An obscene list of gifts at the wedding.

276. Presents continued

327. A terrible joke

334. This was tucked away in a hymn book that I think was RLA’s. I think it’s interesting that someone saved this, it’s an incredible coincidence that I can hopefully explain. The Lieut. Robert Angus, son of the late James Angus is NOT the Lieut. Robert Edward Angus, son of the late James Angus who has a page on this site. It is an unbelievable coincidence that there would be two seperate Lieuentant Robert Angus’ both son’s of deceased James Angus’. Not to mention that they only lived about an hour apart and died within 6 months of each other. I presume this is why someone saved this clipping.

345. The marriage of Mabel D. Angus and George Turner, 1904.

346. A note on the above wedding.

359. An obituary for RLA

360. Mungo C. H-C promoted to Lt-Col.

361. Mungo & Every’s wedding

362. Mungo & Every’s wedding

363. Another clipping for WKH-C and Edith’s wedding

364. The birth of Mabel James Angus, pinned to the obituary of James.

365. February 13, 1897. The marriage of Arthus Harris Arnold and Jane Young Angus.

366. July 5, 1904. The wedding of George Turner and Mabel Douglas Angus

367. March 12, 1903. The wedding of Dr Thomas Gowans and Mary Berta Angus

368. The wedding of Edith Agnes Angus and William Kentigern Hamilton-Campbell

379. A unionist garden party. RLA stood fourth from right

380. The wedding of Jean Campbell Douglas Boswell and Baron Eric Juel-Brockdorf

381. The wedding continued

382. My grandparent’s wedding, RGA & EH

383. I don’t know if this counts as an obituary. More of a notice that Mrs Jane Angus had died.

384. Netherplace

385. Being Razed, 1956

386. Continued

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