Jane Young Angus

Born on the 25th of January 1866, Jane was the first daughter and second child of Robert and Jane. She’s rather a mysterious member of the family. I don’t know and can’t find any of her living descendants and we only have a couple of photographs of her. I know that she married Arthur Arnold on the 11th of February, 1897, in Edinburgh and that she had atleast one daughter, Jean. Apart from this, all I know is that she died on the 2nd of May 1944. If you know anything about her or her family, or have any photographs of her please contact me in any way.

Verification of this member: Only half-verified. One photograph of her labelled at a later date by two seperate individuals who never met as being herself.

This seems to be the most recent photograph of her
Presumably in her wedding dress. Edinburgh, 1897
Sitting down. A glass negative my sister owns, thanks. I don’t know when this is but she looks fairly young. If it were say: 1890-5, she would be 24-29.
Sat centre in grey dress. Robert L. stood left, Mabel sat in white, Margaret perched at back
Close up with her sister, Mabel
This photo and the next couple seem to depict her at a far younger age, probably the 17-23 range.
I believe this to be part of a collection of photos taken of the family at Bara in Ayr as part of a set in the early to mid 1880’s. Jane’s probably around about 18 years old in this photo.
I’d guess around age 20 again
At her brother, James’ wedding, 1893. Age 27
Centre, with sisters Margaret and Janet to left and right respectively (not confirmed)
I think this is her but she does look a bit different. I know she had two daughters and I have a photograph of a girl confirmed to be her daughter who looks a lot like the girl on the left
Not particularly confident this is her but it does look quite a lot like her. Im fairly sure this is Dalblair c.1895 so she wouldn’t have been married or had children by this point. There’s obviously no reason she couldn’t have been photographed with a child though. It could be REA, born 1894.

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