Re-coloured Images

As stated in the title, these are images that you can find elsewhere on the site in their original black and white. I thought it might be nice to see some of these photographs in colour. I won’t include every photograph but probably the ones with the best re-colouring results. This was the website I used: – I wouldn’t say it’s free but if you remember to cancel your subscription during the 14 day free trial then I guess you won’t pay anything. It’s not perfect, in many of the photos below I had to fix their colouring by hand. Best viewed on PC.

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Janet’s wedding

Janet’s wedding again
Edith’s wedding
James again
James & friend
Elizabeth Jollie & her four daughters
Robert Edward Angus
Robert Lawrence. I’m quite displeased with this digital enhancement. It’s raised his right eye giving him a sterner look than originally. His expression in the original is quite soft.
Robert sat with RL behind (child). c.1895 Dalblair
RL & KPS’ wedding, 1928
RLA probably age 14
RLA 1898, age 16
Kathleen Penelope Sheppard (Angus)
Kathleen Penelope Sheppard & her son, Robin.
again, my great grandmother with my grandfather
Probably Jane Young
Probably Margaret or Janet
Probably Margaret or Janet
Either Margaret or Janet. Need to fix this, poor slider.
Probably Mary. Also likely the best re-colouring.
This one’s maybe a bit intense
Probably Edith. I think this one’s incredible
probably Robert Lawrence, Mabel, Margaret & Mary
Probably James, Margaret/Janet , Mary and 2 unknowns
Probably Margaret or Janet
Pretending to be a ghost
Dalblair c.1895. A man pretends to shoot someone else dressed in a bear skin.
Probably Mabel & friends
Mabel & friends
This is one of my favourites however I do again feel the digital enhancement has altered the woman on the right’s face too much.
probably Mary and friends
friend from previous photograph. The digital enhancement closed his eyes a bit so its not particularly accurate
probably Mary & friend
A seemingly old wedding
James & Elizabeth’s wedding, 1893
Jack Binny, poorly coloured
Jean Edith Christabel Angus (Monies), I need to fix this one
Jean Edith Christabel Angus (Monies) & her daughters
Jean and Margaret Hamilton-Campbell
probably Mabel James Angus
“Nettie Angus 1901”
I had to colour this one by hand. James at Dalblair c.1895
Not particularly bold colours but I just really like this photo: RL, Edinburgh c.1900. I know he’s probably wearing green/tweed but it just looked too weird with the green background
This one isn’t particularly great but I really wanted to do it. The software couldn’t figure it out so I had to do it by hand, thats why it’s so bad…. RL and Mabel in Edinburgh c.1900
Mabel D. at her golden wedding anniversary
My own grandfather Robert G Angus, Cyprus
One of my grandfather’s photos from his time in Cyprus
ruined works at Dalmellington
Ochiltree house
Ladykirk interior
Ladykirk interior
Ladykirk interior
Ladykirk interior
Ladykirk interior
Ladykirk interior
Cornhill interior
Cornhill interior
Cornhill interior
Cornhill interior
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